As part of our community outreach, on August 16, 2013, Paula Clark, founder of WISP presented a program entitled "Ghosts of Calloway County" at the Homemaker's County Annual Day, in Murray Ky.

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WISP is looking for stories of  the paranormal based in the Western Ky.,  Tn. area. Submit your family stories and folklore to our  research department by clicking on the button below and sending us your stories.  A story would be much  appreciated, an exact location and photo of the area would be great.
ClDo you think your house or business may be haunted?  Do you get a feeling of anxiety, hear odd sounds, just feel funny sometimes?  We believe it's real to you.  There can be many reasons for your experiences, such as remodeling, the history of the area, family dynamics or the actual building or contents of a structure.  

We are an experienced group of fact based investigators.  We are dedicated to helping, free of charge, people that are experiencing things they can not explain. 

WISP was founded in 2007 by a group of paranormal investigators based in Southwestern Kentucky.  We  investigate claims of hauntings in homes, buildings, businesses, and property  in the Southwest Kentucky / Northwest Tennessee area.

You will notice there are no "orb pictures" or case files giving names and adddresses on the WISP website.  This is because when   W.I.S.P. agrees to do an  investigation, they are completely confidential.  No information is ever given out without the client's written permission. We are not "thrill seekers", and every investigation is done as thoroughly as possible, with pre-investigation research, an appropricate investigation, an evidence review, and, if necessary, more research.  At the conclusion, the client is presented with an evaluation, and any pertinent evidence gathered. 

Our group is one of a large community of paranormal groups worldwide whose goals are to network, sharing a vast wealth of experience and knowledge.  ick here to add text.
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