Paula Clark
Founder/lead investigator

My brother owned a haunted house several years ago.  That sparked my interest, and spured me to research theories on haunting.   I am an artist and a certified hypnotherapist. 

I am proud to be the International Paranormal Investigators head rep for South Central USA, covering Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama, 
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Kitty Davis
Lead investigator

I've always believed that death is not the end of the journey.  I have lived in a "haunted house", and seen things up close.  I'm still interested in the paranormal, and wish someday to be able to prove it.
William Castleberry
Research/Tech trainee

I've always been into the paranormal, but when I was younger, I had an encounter with an entity.  It prodded me to study the paranormal.  While living in the western United States, I was taught to use my "Third Eye" by a Cherokee shaman.
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Lynn Clark
Consultant/Electrical Tech

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