Calloway County Library Annex

In November  of 2009, WISP conducted their second investigation of the annex.
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The beautiful Victorian house was the built by George Aycock in 1890, later sold to S. H. Higgins.

The house has a hand-carved banister, five fireplaces and it was one of the first homes in town to have running water, from a windmill powered well.

It's two stories was once used as guest accomodations for visiting dignitaries, and at one time was rented out as appartments.  Today it serves as a community meeting room.  It contains a full basement underneath.   
After a business meeting, a training investigation was conducted on Oct. 13th, 2009.  The trainee, and two investigators worked with several digital cameras, digital recorders, and tape recorders.

The training session touched on how to properly document the conditions in the area to be investigated, as well as how to properly conduct an evp session,
Left- EVP session with William and Bill on second floor
Above- William on vigil in entryway.
Below- EVP session with Bill on the second floor
Check this page later, more photos and evp results may be added after more evaluation.  A second investigation is planned using several experimental techniques.