Private Residence 3

In the winter of 2008, WISP investigated a Kentucky home that had reports of shadow people, odd noises,  and whispering. 

Note:  Any photos are not the original.  They have been cropped at the request of the homeowners to remove any identifying information that might reveal the time or location.  WISP has the original photos, but at the family requests that they not be submitted to anyone for evaluation without their permission.
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A limited number of investigators set up equipment at the home, including video cameras, and digital recorders in each room.   A sound resembling whispering could be heard by each investigator.  EVP sessions were conducted in each room.  No EVP was picked up on any recording during sessions.
One claim was that a figure was often seen at the top of the stairs, reflected in the mirror over the fireplace. A video camera was aimed at the top of the stairs.  The mirror was a fairly recent purchase with no defects or waves in the glass.  Several times investigators witnessed a movement reflected in the mirror that didn't show up on the video. No people were on the stairs, or anywhere on the upper level of the house.  All the upstairs doors were closed, no curtains or any cloth was in the area.  The event could not be reproduced by turning lights on and off, the road and drive way were not situated where lights could reach that area (wooden shades were closed, and the house doesn't face the road.)

An EMF sweep showed most areas with acceptable levels.  2 light switches, one in the kitchen, and one in the downstairs hall, showed high levels.     
A digital recorder was set up in an upstairs unfinished utility room along with a trigger object.  No sounds were recorded.  By utilizing a digital camera on a tripod, a trigger object was set up in the empty room.  After 3 hours, an investigator came in and took another picture, making sure the camera tripod was not moved.  Below is the pictures. 
The house was only a few years old.  No historical data has been found to suggest a house was ever at that location.

At the time, the movement on the upstairs landing could not be debunked.  The whisper sounds can still be heard, but it is our belief that it is some naturally occuring phenomena .  Some possable sources have been discounted, but we have permission to continue to investigate the source of the sound.  The movement of the trigger object is hard to debunk.  Homeowners have given permission to schedule another investigation later.
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