Private Residence 2

In December of 2008, WISP was called to a Victorian farmhouse in rural Tennessee, location withheld by request.  Claims included dishes flying off the counters, landing at least 4 feet away, finding objects moved in the morning, voices, and being touched at night.   
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After an initial interview, a team was sent for an afternoon investigation, as the most activity was noticed during the day.  Among equipment used was a Sony Handycam and tripod, a Kodak digital cameras, one Cannon camera, two digital recorders, , one mini tape recorde, Cell Sensor EMF detectors.  Sperry infrared thermometer, and handheld digital thermometer.  The investigation began at 1:30 p.m., and continued until 6:30 p.m.     
Historical research revealed the house was moved there, and was on the site of an earlier house.  Newspaper research also revealed a past owner was found shot on the porch, a possible suicide.  Investigation areas included, in the home, the kitchen, living room, and attic.  Another  building on the property, a one room cabin was not investigated at that time, as the owner was going to make the floor more stable.  Weather conditions were fair, low humidity, with temperatures  around 65.   
Although no sounds were heard at the time, two  digital recorder picked up the sound of  whistling  in the house.  Only two investigators were in the house, neither of which were whistling.  One investigator heard the name "Carl" although the recorders did not pick it up. 

A video camera, set  alone in the attic, revealed the sound of objects being moved around, but the camera didn't show anything moving.

One other personal experience happened during the initial interview with the home owner.  While sitting on the couch in the parlor, taking notes on a clipboard, the interviewer felt something tap on the underside of the clipboard several times.  There was nothing close enough to touch the clipboard.

Sounds through a heating duct in the floor could have sounded like voices.  The name the investigator heard was interesting, but could not be proven.    EMF levels were within acceptable ranges.  We asked that we be allowed to return later in the year. 
A view of the kitchen shows the drainer in relation to the stove where dishes landed at the right front area, approximately 4 feet away.e to add text.