Private Residence 1

In July of 2007, WISP was invited to a local Kentucky home, location withheld by request, that was undergoing remodeling.  The owners reported activity that included sounds, voices, lights turning on, and footsteps.  
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After an initial interview, two investigators were sent on an investigation.  Equipment included 2 Kodak digital cameras, one Canon SLR camera, one RCA digital recorder, one mini tape recorder, 1 Cell Sensor EMF detector.  The investigation began at 5 p.m., and continued until 9 p.m.     
Investigation areas included, in the home, the kitchen, living room, one upstairs bedroom, and the attic.  Another freestanding building on the property, consisting of one room, was also investigated for claims of knocking and voices.  Weather conditions were fair, low humidity, with temperatures ranging, through the course of the investigatiion, from 81 down to 76.        
Photos showed no anomolies determined to be paranormal.  One digital recorder picked up faint voices in the house.  While some of the words were recognizable without filtering, it could not be determined to be paranormal, because of the proximity of a neighboring house. 

Sounds resembling footsteps were heard by both investigators in a bedroom, but were not captured on a recorder.  After a full electrical inspection, it was discovered that several fixtures were loose or worn out. 

One cold spot, apparently without a source, was observed in a closet, and was noted in the final investigation report.  Personal experiences not caught with any equipment included a sound like someone humming a tune heard in the same closet experienced by one investigator, and a sound like boots walking in the attic.  

While some evidence was collected, much of the claims could be shown as non paranormal in nature.  The family was given a copy of the evidence, and it was agreed to schedule another investigation if anything occured after the remodeling is completed.