Local Legends

Everyone loves a good ghost story. It's even better when it just might be true.  WestKy. Investigators of Spirit Phenonema has gathered just a few ghost legends and paranormal stories from around Southwestern Kentucky and Tennessee.  We'd like to hear any stories you have of hauntings in our area.  If you have any, please click on the contact button above and send us your stories.  If you have photos of the location, even better! 

Now for some stories. Gather around, ghost lovers and ghost hunters!

Old Almo Post Office

The post office at "Old Almo" Kentucky is well known in the community to be haunted.  The building has, in the past, been not only a post office, but a grocery, and a rental house.  One past tenent relates her first encounter with the ghost, "Mary" was one morning when she discovered her large pin cushion wedged tightly inside a shoe.  The downstairs was lighted by long flourescent lights, a remnent of the building's life as a grocery.  Often the family were awakened at night to discover all of the downstairs lights had turned on.  One of Mary's favorite tricks was to turn on the radio, full blast, in the middle of the night.  Although she loved to play tricks, she was a considerate ghost, stopping her antics whenever the house's inhabitants asked her to.  The renter was given "a chant to read to get rid of ghosts" and inadverdently read it out loud.  The renter reported that she had no more contact with Mary, and was "kind of disappointed" because Mary never really bothered anything. *The building has been recently bought and is being renovated  as a private residence, using as much of the original interior as possible."

The Glowing Tombstone, Benton, Ky.

According to legend, an old man and woman lived  near a cemetery.  A cult was supposedly holding a ceremony  in a nearby barn one night. The old man did not return from checking out the strange happenings so the old woman went down to check on him and found him hanging from a rafter in the barn. The barn is still there. The house the old couple lived in is gone now, but a new house being built by a new couple mysteriously fell down.  When the tombstone is glowing in the cemetery, the old man is said to be inside the old barn,  waiting for the cult members who killed him to come back so he can exract his revenge.

Maplewood Cemetery, Mayfield, Ky.

Mayfield residents say the angel tombstone,  located in the center of the cemetery, drops rocks on your head at the stroke of midnight, if dare to sit on the bench beneath her feet.

Fine Arts Building- Murray State University,  Murray, Ky.

An elevator is said to be haunted by a young female student who fell to her death in the shaft after the door opened and there was no elevator there. The elevator has been  completely gutted several times, to no avail.  The elevator shakes and rattles as it travels up and down the shaft. It stops constantly between floors, the doors constantly refuse to close.  All the elevators in the Fine Arts Building seem to constantly hang up on the 4th floor, but nobody knows why.

Whitehaven, Paducah, Ky.

A beautiful restored mansion, now a rest area, is open to the public. A female apparition, believed to be the owner's wife, has occasionally been sighted on the balcony attached to the second floor bedroom. Legend has it she bled to death during an appendectomy. The feeling in that room is very pleasant, however, due to her love for that room.  Her husband had the balcony built especially for her. She has been known to turn off the lights in that room, and the sounds of long skirts swishing as well as the scent of her perfume have been noted. Also, even though the old kitchen is now the employees' break room, there have been times when the smell of cooking  have greeted  visitors, especially during the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is a beautiful place to visit.  Take a tour and learn the fascinating history of this wonderful house.
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