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WISP is looking for a case manager.  Duties are:
Promote WISP by talking to people, handing out  cards.
Actively look for cases to investigate
Make initial contact with prospective clients, collecting contact info.
Attend meetings, including planning meetings.

WISP is looking for a promotions manager.  Duties are:
Working with the founder to develope a community outreach program.
Working with the case manager, looking at opportunities to set up booths at         community events, advertise, places to put flyers, cards, and brochures. 

If you are an outgoing person, your job takes you out in the public, and  enjoy meeting and talking to people, you may be just the person WISP is looking for.  Any team member must be at least 21 years old, and able to pass a background check, if needed.

Wisp is now taking applications for team membership.  These positions are not paid positions.  WISP has no income from paranormal investigation, we provide our services free of charge.  We investigate because we want to further research in the field of paranormal studies.  Click the "contact us" button to be sent an application.  Please put APPLICATION REQUEST in the subject line..
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Do you have a paranormal research group, and wish to network with other groups in the field?   Contact us to see if we can help you set up a meeting with other teams in your area, or any place you might be visiting, worldwide.  We have many contacts in other countries.  We will be glad to do anything we can to help set up multi-team investigations.