1.  Are you a certified ghost hunter?

While there are places on the internet offering "certification", all the basic information on how to be a "ghost hunter" is freely available from several public sources..  A certificate only signifies you have completed someone's course.   In the past, authentic degrees in parascycology was offered in accredited universities.  No major universities offer that today.  Hoping to learn as much as possible, the founder of WISP  has, in the past, completed courses which come with certificates.  However, we feel it is more important to be able to say we have dedicated many  hours to research and investigation, and have affiliated the group with several nationwide and worldwide organizations that  can be called on for any advice and help if needed. 

2.  What do you do on an investigation?

We first interview the owner or an authorized person about what they have observed.  If we feel there is a way we can help the owner, we set up a time for an investigation as well as providing a notebook for the homeowner or other person to document the activity, times, people present, and other information, so we can determine if there is a pattern to the activity.  On the night or day of  the investigation, we conduct a walk-through with the team leader and the owner, making notes of  where and what activity the client has observed.  Then the team sets up their equipment and conducts the investigation.  After the investigation, which may take as little as 3 hours or as much as 6-8 hours, we will analyze the evidence we've collected, do any research we might need on the history of the property, etc.  This could take a week or more.  After thoroughly reviewing the evidence, we will contact you for a review and explanation of what we've found  If any evidence is found, a summary of the investigation, and copy of the evidence will be provided to the owner.

3.  Do we leave while the investigation is conducted?

No, you're never asked to leave your house.  In fact, we prefer an owner or representative is on hand in case we have questions.

4.  Can my family and friends be there during an investigation?

For us, an investigation is a serious thing.  We hope it is serious for you too.  We ask that if it is a residence investigation, visitors are not present, and if at all possible, the number of family members are limited to as few as possible.  Occasionally an investigation takes place overnight.  In that case, we want you to conduct your lives the same as always, including going to bed as usual.   If the investigation is a business, it is helpful if an owner or employee is present.  During any investigation, we designate a room or area as a "safe area" which acts as "command center" for the investigation.  This is where non-team members (owners, family members) can be to relax, be available for information, and team members can come to take a break and regroup. 

5.  Will my neighbors find out about the investigation?

It is up to you.  We have a form for you to sign that binds us to whatever level of confidentiality you want, from full disclosure in any media or internet, to no informatin released anywhere.  If you wish we won't have any identifying information on our vehicles or on our clothes.
6.  Do you use a Ouija Board, or have a seance?

No, we are a scientific based research group. 

7.  What is that No Orb logo on the home page?

There is a lot of controversy about orbs.  However, it has been shown that 99% of the time, orbs in pictures are dust, moisture, or pollen.  We have strict criteria that must be met before we consider any anomaly in a picture "paranormal". 

8.  Do you "get rid" of the ghosts?

No.  We investigate, and look first for a reasonable explanation for the things you are experiencing. Around  80% of all phenomena can be shown to be caused by everyday causes.  It's the small percentage that's left that can't be explained that interest us in our research.  After we analyze the evidence we gather, if we think it's not paranormal, we can explain our findings and suggest ways to fix what might be causing the problems.  If we think it might possibly be something  paranormal, you may be satisfied with just knowing.  If not, you might  decide to contact local clergy, or WISP may be able to find a reputable and knowledgable person for you to consult.

7.  How much does this cost me?

NEVER pay for an investigation!  Many years ago, some people charged for an investigation.   Today the overwhelming majority of investigators will never ask for money.  We never charge for investigations.  We do it because we want to further the research in the paranormal, and to help you.  Any reputable paranormal investigation team will tell you the same thing, never pay for an investigation.  
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