You keep hearing that a certain place is haunted, so you decide to see for yourself.  But nothing happens while you are there.  Where did the ghosts go?
Maybe they’re just hiding from you.  Or sulking.  You must remember, ghosts are, or were, people.  They just lack bodies in this plane of existence. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t react the same as you or I when they’re ignored or dismissed.  Have you ever been snubbed?  Did someone once look right through you, as if you weren’t there, talked about you like you weren’t right there listening?  You can feel all kinds of ways, awkward, hurt, embarrassed. 

Why should it be different with ghosts? A spirit may be trying as hard as it can to be noticed. But without a body, they just can‘t do as much.  It may be trying everything it can, to finally produce just a little something, a sound, a pebble turns, a drop in temperature, or a slight mist.  After all that effort, what if  they  repeatedly hear all their effort attributed to “normal” explanations for what’s going on, the ghost may feel offended. Who wouldn’t feel like not bothering after that?  If you go to a haunted site and nothing happens, be patient. The ghosts may still be there waiting to see if any of the group is skeptical.

It's possible that they are frightened of all the strange people invading their space.  They might have gone to a room or area where they feel safe.  Sometimes the more often you investigate a place, the more at ease the ghost is with you.  Investigators have reported that in places they have repeatedly investigated over the years, it seems the ghost has become familiar with them.

Sit quietly and give the ghosts a few minutes to get acquainted with you.  Take that time to relax, and to “get the feel” of a place.  You might want to wait at least 10 minutes, or even as much as 30 minutes before trying to communicate.  Then talk to the ghost just like you would talk to a friend.  Tell them something about yourself, and ask about them.  Often activity is noted while two investigators are just talking among themselves, so keep a recorder going.  Maybe the ghost is trying to join in the conversation.    Explain the equipment you have, and invite them to come closer and have a look.  They might be from an era that didn’t have cameras and voice recorders.  They could  be frightened by the unfamiliar equipment.  In some cultures, people believed that a camera captures their soul.  Just explain it to them, reassure them that nothing you have will hurt them.

The key to a successful investigation could be as simple as being very patient, and polite. 

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The Case Of The Missing Ghost
By Paula Clark
May 12, 2009