It’s a well known fact that high levels of electromagnetic energy can cause many health problems.  Isn’t it?  If you watch all of the most popular television shows on the paranormal, that’s what you will be told it causes  nausea, feelings of depression, suicide, paranoia, hallucinations, fatigue and headaches. It’s reported on many websites on the internet.  But how common is it? 

We are bombarded by electromagnetic fields constantly, every day.  In fact, our bodies run on naturally occurring electrical current resulting from chemical reactions.  Naturally occurring electric fields are the result of the   build-up of electric charges in the air as a result of thunderstorms. The earth's natural magnetic field causes your compass needle to point North.  Birds and fish use natural magnetic fields for navigation.

Man made electrical currents run our modern world, from our wrist watches, to our microwaves.  In the early days of microwave technology, workers discovered they were warmer if they stood under the microwave towers.  It did, however, cause a reddening of the skin, and a rash.  We now know not to “cook ourselves” by standing under a microwave tower. 

With each new advance in technology we’re given, we also gain dire warnings, headlines shouting health concerns and warnings about exposure to that technology.  We are told not to hold cell phones near our heads, don’t live close to power lines, don’t sit near your television. 
In the last 30 years, over 25,000 articles have been published on the effects of non-ionizing radiation on the body.  In 1996 the World Health Organization launched a huge research effort. The International EMF Project encompasses current knowledge and available resources of key international and national agencies and scientific institutions, and co-ordinates research and results from human, animal, and cellular research world-wide.  The organization helps organize the data from thousands of research efforts, and recommends acceptable exposure levels that have been adopted in countries worldwide.  To date, none of the research done by the WHO supports the theory that exposure to high emf cause any adverse health problems.

Every day millions of people are exposed to electromagnetic fields.  For the most part, the majority of people do not have any adverse reactions.  However, some people report “hypersensitivity” to electromagnetic fields.  Closely controlled studies have not currently supported findings of hypersensitivity to normal levels of emf , but health officials agree that more studies need to be done. 

So what is the conclusion?  When we hear paranormal investigators explain that high emf can cause a long list of problems, and mimic hauntings, should we dismiss it as unproven?  I don't' think so.  Although it appears to be much rarer than we are often lead to believe, there is that possibility.  It's just not the pat answer, and the end to all discussion.  The International EMF Project is an ongoing project, and is expected to publish their findings by 2011.  Maybe then we will have a better understanding of the health risks.

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EMF Sensitivity
By Paula Clark
Sept. 15, 2009