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IPI is a world wide coalition of paranormal investigators, independent researchers, and others coming together to freely share information resources, and  theories.  WISP is proud to be the Kentucky Chapter of IPI. 

NOTE:  Wisp owner, Paula Clark is a head rep for IPI, covering the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama, and a member of IPI's Mastermind Group, a group of people working together in the spirit of harmony and sharing, for the betterment of the community at large.
MyPara Paranormal Social Network
A great social network for anyone interested in the paranormal. 
Wisp is proud to be a GRI Affiliate.  Ghost Research International is a world wide group of investigators dedicated to furthering the field of scientific paranormal research.
Why not spice up your next vacation with a ghost tour?  Click on the links below.  But, beware, we haven't been on any of these, so WISP doesn't personally endorse any of them. 

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